2016, a year of strategy consolidation

Martisnburg Plant, United States, acquired by Cementos Argos in 2016.

2016, a year of strategy consolidation

We strengthened our
third pillar of infrastructure with
$1.3 trillion in investments 

We define our role as strategic architect with four focus areas:


We structured a robust portfolio in the infrastructure industry with
$45 trillion in assets 

Major Milestones

Purchase of Martinsburg

We supported Cementos Argos in the acquisition of the Martinsburg Plant, by US$660 million which increases the installed capacity of the subsidiary in the United States by 29%.

Odinsa Acquisition

With successful Public Offering of Acquisition of Common Shares (APO), we increased shares in Odinsa from 54.75% to 98.55%.

Opain Acquisition

We acquired 30% of Opain, which added to the 35% of shares of Odinsa, consolidates the control of the concession of passenger and cargos terminals of El Dorado.


In Odinsa the financial closure of Pacific 2 was carried out for US$400 million, after having reached a share of 79% in that concession.

Energy recovery

The power generation business had major operational improvements for the recovery of profitability and efficiency of Celsia, allowing it to move forward with its new business strategy.

Leader in sustainability

We entered for the 4th time the Dow Jones Global Sustainability Index and were recognized in the Sustainability Yearbook of RobecoSam with a silver medal.
Argos was featured as the most sustainable cement company in the world.