Contribution to social development

Beneficiaries of sustainable productive projects in Carmen de Bolivar, Colombia.

Contribution to social development

Grupo Argos, aware of its contribution to socio-economic development as a key element in the success of the business and its good relationship with stakeholders, develops initiatives focused on the progress and improvement of the quality of life of society, strengthening its management, among others, with social capital.

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Environmental Conservation

The organization has the Grupo Argos Foundation as a vehicle to maximize the social return of these initiatives, whose focus is environmental conservation and is implemented through three lines of action:

  • Biodiversity Conservation: the project seeks to protect the Andean Bear, one of the most representative and important species of wildlife of the Colombian ecosystems for its contribution to conservation, especially of the forests. Today this mammal is in the vulnerable state of extinction mainly due to the reduction of its habitat, due to the extension of agriculture and livestock.
  • Water Protection: the objective is to achieve, administer, manage, invest, allocate and dispose of financial resources to protect, maintain and preserve the watersheds that supply this resource.
  • Social Inclusion: Rural projects in livestock activities and forestry services allow the development of local capacities and the strengthening of productive organizations to boost their commitment to environment care and the implementation of sustainable productive practices.
  • Botany: The production and publication of the Savia collection continues, which is free for 1300 public libraries in Colombia. This publication pays homage to the country’s botanical wealth and contributes to the knowledge and appropriation of the natural heritage.
For more information on the conservation of biodiversity go to Biodiversity.
Transformation of cities

This Grupo Argos initiative is designed to participate in long-term city planning, seeking to be more sustainable, inclusive, equitable and comprehensive, where public space plays a central role in the appropriation and enjoyment by its citizens.

During 2016 great progress was achieved with projects in two cities:
BarrioConSentido – Cartagena, this project located in the sector with the highest level of poverty in the city, seeks to dignify the life of the population through the recovery of public space, roads, sanitation and educational and recreational infrastructure.
Currently the project is in architectural design, engineering studies and sustainability plan phase.

Urban transformation of the center – Medellín, this initiative was able to rally 35 prominent entrepreneurs and the mayor for the collective construction of the diagnosis and baseline in public space issues, security, education, housing, social conditions and mobility.

Social Processes

Grupo Argos develops initiatives focused on the progress and improvement of people’s quality of life. Through social processes, skills and abilities in the communities are strengthened.

One of the most outstanding initiatives in this line is Crecer en Paz (Growing in Peace). With the properties donated to the Crecer en Paz foundation as a post-conflict contribution in Colombia, during 2016, income generation projects were carried out through productive activities in sesame, honey, mango and timber with secured marketing channels. This program, established to generate income in the short, medium and long term, benefited 460 rural families of El Carmen de Bolivar, who received technical and business assistance and are grouped together in a producers’ association that represents them before different commercial and institutional bodies. In addition, we continued with crops intended for family consumption and not for commercialization, known as pan-coger (bread-catch).

For families that do not have an extension of land, the honey production program continues with the establishment of 15 community apiaries where 90 families participate, which obtained a production of around 12 tons of honey, and appreciated in the markets for its quality and purity . This production is equivalent 105 million pesos of income for the producers.


As a pillar to generate equity and new skills, we participated in improving infrastructure, coverage and educational quality.

Contribution to social development from subsidiaries


The contribution to culture is a way of contributing to the development of communities, with spaces that satisfy human needs such as recreation and expression, while creating a discerning public and better citizens.

The investment in culture and education corresponds to commitments acquired a long time ago, therefore the company is in a process of reducing these initiatives to concentrate on conservation and preservation of the environment.

Note: The social investment of the company is framed in the methodology of the London benchmarking Report, where the resources have 3 typologies:

Charitable Donations: Specific or periodic contributions that are not linked to the business strategy or to the social investment focus defined by the company.

Investments in community: Contributions linked to the business strategy, either from the foundation or the operation, and that respond to the needs or expectations of the communities of influence of the company.

Business initiatives: Those contributions that, in addition to the social function they fulfill, are closely linked with brand positioning or imply income for the company.