Human Talent Management

Human Talent Management

(103-1) (103-2) By its nature, talent management at Grupo Argos has the challenge of accompanying mergers, acquisitions, strategic transformation, expansion and value creation of the company, and is with the people with whom it is accomplished effectively. In this sense, we look to have leaders who have the skills, the training and motivation to achieve outstanding performance and development of their employees.

(103-1) (103-2) There is a policy of human management built according to the Country Code guidelines, through which we manage talent in order to comply with organizational strategy. We seek to attract, develop, motivate, and retain the best talent, based on inclusion and diversity, respect for Human Rights, compliance with safety and health standards in the workplace and development of best practices in all human processes.

(102-7) (102-8)

(401-1) Rotation and hires

Note: from 2016, Situm (Urban Development) becomes a line of business of Grupo Argos.
As of the date, the Grupo Argos’s information includes Urban Development information.