Humans Rights

Human Rights

As part of the strategy of sustainability and responsible value generation, Grupo Argos has been developing a comprehensive system that reflects its commitment and integrity with respect to Human Rights and the implementation of good labor practices in all its subsidiaries.

Work plan

(412-2) Employee training hours on policies and procedures relating to Human Rights aspects relevant to the organization’s operations

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The gap closure and risk mitigation plan will be implemented, including the determination of lines of action, roles and responsibilities for human rights management.

It is expected that 100% of the subsidiaries will have a Human Rights action plan.

The comprehensive human rights systems, carried out under the United Nations Framework and Guiding Principles, is a permanent process aimed at reducing risks and making human rights management more effective. This process has allowed the implementation of high standards, the definition of policies and guidelines, and the development of initiatives for: labor inclusion, gender equity, eradication of child labor, free association and collective bargaining, work-life balance, fight against corruption and enterprise and post-conflict.

Even so, the company is aware and is committed to closing three gaps found in due diligence:
1 Adjust the mechanisms of complaints and claims with a Human Rights perspective. In other words, both the process as well as the content of the complaint respond to the guidelines set forth by the Guiding Principles.
2 Strengthen the management of risks and impacts with a focus on Human Rights.
3 Establish formal and recorded mechanisms that allow Group suppliers and contractors and their subsidiaries to guide their actions to mitigate risks associated with Human Rights violations.