Andean Bear.

Our corporate management

In development of our sustainability strategy, the Grupo Argos Foundation in 2016 advanced its focus on environmental conservation through biodiversity management, water protection and inclusion of communities in the care of the environment.
During the year conservation projects were developed, which resulted in the planting of 312 thousand trees of native and timber species that captured 771 thousand tons of carbon dioxide, the protection of 411,700 hectares where the Andean bear lives – the only species of bear that lives in Colombia – and retention of 1,730 hectares of watershed.

Among the most significant interventions, we note the donation to Fedesarrollo to establish a fund dedicated to economic research for rural development in Colombia with a final contribution of 2 billion pesos in 2016. We contributed to peace in Colombia by contributing to the Crecer en Paz (Grow in Peace) Foundation for productive projects benefiting peasant families. We promoted the creation of the Cartagena Water Fund and promoted environmental education in more than 100 institutions. In botany, we continue to contribute freely to 1,300 public libraries with the inventory of the wealth of Colombia embodied in the Savia collection, contributing to the knowledge and appropriation of the natural heritage.

Our city transformation initiative continued with its goal of fostering long-term planning scenarios for more sustainable, inclusive, fair and comprehensive environments, where public space is central to the appropriation and enjoyment of the city by its citizens.