Our human talent

In the Argos Corporate Group, we understand that employees are critical in the development of strategy and essential to achieve efficiency and competitiveness of our businesses. Therefore, we maintain policies that allow us to select, develop and retain the best human talent, generating mobility among our subsidiaries, implementing best practices and strengthening diversity. Likewise, we actively seek to ensure the best working environment in our organization.

Since training is a key process for growth, in 2016 we moved forward with important programs, such as the Leadership for Equity with UC Berkeley, where more than 60 executive women from across the Business Group are preparing to play a transformative role. Among others, we conducted a Global Management and Excellence in Strategic Execution program with Harvard University, in which we chose 70 leaders to make strategic decisions, and a program of Ethical Deliberation with the Universidad de los Andes to strengthen values by taking action.

We measured our Working Environment index with the Great Place to Work international institute, and got a score last year of 88.5, which is outstanding and places Grupo Argos as one of the 20 best companies to work at in Colombia.

In 2016 the management team of Grupo Argos and its subsidiaries was secured, harmoniously culminating the succession initiated in 2015 under the direction of the Appointments and Compensation Committee of the company’s Board of Directors.

In February, Mauricio Ossa assumed the CEO role of Odinsa. In April 2016 succession took place in the Grupo Argos CEO role and Juan Esteban Calle came to become CEO of Cementos Argos. We reiterate our appreciation to Jose Alberto Velez, from whom we received a remarkable organization full of principles and transcendence, foundations on which we are dedicated to continue building a Business Group that generates value for its shareholders and contributes to building a better society.