Atlantic Tourist Boulevard, Dominican Republic.

Our vision for the future

Diversification allowed an appropriate balance of markets, confirming that the infrastructure as center connector of Grupo Argos investments would ensure that the mixture of industries and geographies translates into healthy balances for our operational results and a cushioning factor for the natural cycles and challenges of the businesses.

During 2016, Grupo Argos worked hard to reinforce its role as a strategic architect, focused on the financial, strategic, management and institutional aspects. This facilitates development of investments favoring consolidation of synergies, strengthening the unity of purpose and direction, and allowing us to strengthen the strategic alignment of our affiliates.

In order to ensure the capture of synergies, we promoted the SUMMA initiative during the year as a shared competency center for all subsidiaries, in order to find efficiencies in transactional processes across the entire Business Group, including procurement, finance, human management and technology. This will allow business management to focus on the development of competitive strategy and SUMMA will facilitate in joining efforts and capturing synergies, which in turn will benefit all shareholders.

Finally, shareholders, we are pleased to share with you these results and advances in the business, reiterating our appreciation for your ongoing support.
We visualize the Argos Corporate Group with great opportunities to accompany the growth of our region, in a consolidation process of acquisitions and appropriate generation of long-term value. To our employees in 18 countries, we express our appreciation for their dedicated work, since they are the real stakeholders that make these results happen.

Board of Directors

Rosario Córdoba, Chairman
David Bojanini
Carlos Ignacio Gallego
Mario Scarpetta
Ana Cristina Arango
Armando Montenegro
Jorge Uribe

CEO of the company

Jorge Mario Velásquez