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Year and Results

As a result of the above-mentioned dynamics of our businesses and with growth in all their strategic pillars, Grupo Argos reached consolidated revenue of 14.6 trillion pesos, which represents an increase of 15% against 2015.

The consolidated EBITDA grew to 3.6 trillion pesos, with an increase of 37%.
The EBITDA margin increased by 400 basis points, reaching 25%, thanks to good results of the cement business, the consolidation of Odinsa and the recovery of the power generation business.

The consolidated net profit generated by Grupo Argos was $1.1 trillion, which represents a growth of 75% in comparison to 2015, and net income of the parent company was 589 billion pesos.

On a consolidated basis, assets of Grupo Argos amounted to 45 trillion pesos and increased 7% against 2015. Liabilities rose 10% to $21 trillion. Equity amounted to $24 trillion, 3% greater than in 2015.

In the separate financial statements, Grupo Argos recorded operational revenue of $1.1 trillion, an EBITDA of $518 billion and a net profit close to $352 billion, which means a 11% decrease year to year. This decrease is generated by the reduction in revenue of financial activity, given the minor divestitures of portfolio made during 2016.

Revenue, EBITDA and net profit by company

In billions

*The figures correspond to the consolidated results of each company and not to the contribution that these businesses make to the Grupo Argos results.