Our Environmental Management

Our environmental management

Goal of the Argos Corporate Group
Reduce by 20% direct CO2 direct emissions
for every million of COP revenues in 2025, having 2015 as the base year.

Greenhouse gas emissions

We recognize the risks and opportunities derived from climate change and its effects on business strategy.

We integrated all business activities with a focus on adaptation to the effects of climate change, as well as prevention, mitigation and compensation of the impacts generated.

Accomplishments and progress

312 thousand trees
in 2016
with potential capture:
771 thousand tons of CO2.

Increase to
6.8% the use
of alternative fuels
at Cementos Argos.

562 thousand trees
in the initiative ReverdeC of Celsia, with:

Restoration of
12 basins
in 16 townships.

Protection of
785 hectares
with 83.1 km of isolation.

Direct emissions

874 thousand trees between the different programs