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(102-49) Stakeholders

Shareholders and investors: are the holders of shares issued by the company and who deposit their trust in it for the generation of responsible long-term reliable value. They can either be strategic investors, institutional investors or general investors (individuals or entities), as well as potential investors.

Employees: They are the most valuable asset of the organization and a key success factor in its performance and growth. This group includes all employees of Grupo Argos and its affiliates and businesses.

Suppliers: They contribute to the management of the organization and support it in its commitment to sustainability. The relationship with this stakeholder is governed by integrity, transparency and accountability in the establishment of equitable and sustainable business relationships.

Communities: Grupo Argos, a holding company of sustainable investment in infrastructure, issues guidelines for its affiliates to advise them on how to build constructive relationships in areas of influence where they operate, in order to contribute, from the different management fronts, to the sustainable development of the country.

Guilds, institutions and the business sector: The relationship with these sectors of the partnership seek to strengthen company goals and contribute to the management of the organization.

Media, influencers and public opinion: They support the identification and follow-up of material issues and dialogue with others stakeholders, based on respectful and constructive relationships.

Government and authorities: As corporate citizens we strictly comply with the law and our obligations. Furthermore, in a framework of transparent dialogue, under principles of integrity and responsibility, we are allies of the State in the generation of conditions of well-being in regions where we operate.

The Board of Directors has provided guidelines regarding the relationship with these groups by way of approval of the Sustainability Policy, the Code of Business Conduct and the Good Governance Code. All areas of the company participate in the management of relationships with stakeholders.

To manage the relationship with stakeholders, Grupo Argos has different mechanisms that allow keeping them informed, consult and dialogue with them about topics of the organization.

In 2016 dialogues and consultations were carried out to identify and prioritize material issues.

Through the Corporate Sustainability Committee and the Communications Synergy Committee, the company seeks to strengthen its Dialogue Systems with Stakeholders, with control boards to measure progress in the implementation of actions, corrections and improvements.

Activities conducted in 2016:

  • Dialogue or annual meeting with stakeholders to discuss the management of the organization, as well as its goals and expectations.
  • Semi-annual follow-up and assessment of the status, spaces and means of contact with areas of the company involved in the management of stakeholder relationships, in the process of continuous improvement of sustainability practices.
  • Press Management, valued at approximately 32 billion pesos, which has allowed strengthening of knowledge about the organization, deepening of the differentiation between Grupo Argos as holding company and its businesses and broadening dissemination of its management among stakeholders.
  • Ongoing contact with journalists to ensure permanent dialogue of disclosure on relevant topics of the organization.
  • Grupo Argos conducts quarterly conference results with the investing public to present the most relevant figures of the company within those periods. It is a space in which questions are generated relating to the organization’s performance, future projects and in which the organization responds to those questions. In addition, via the area of Investor Relations and email (, another communication channel is established to address the concerns of this public.
  • There is also a Line of Transparency to which stakeholders can go with the purpose of reporting, anonymously if desired, a breach of the Code of Conduct. This line is administered by an independent third party and the information received is treated with the highest standards of confidentiality.